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      A mile or two from Carrollton down the river and toward the city lay the old unfenced fields where Hilary had agreed with Irby to help him manoeuvre his very new command. Along the inland edge of this plain the railway and the common road still ran side by side, but the river veered a mile off. So Mandeville pointed out to the two ladies as they, he, and the General drove up to the spot with Kincaid and Greenleaf as outriders. The chosen ground was a level stretch of wild turf maybe a thousand yards in breadth, sparsely dotted with shoulder-high acacias. No military body was yet here, and the carriage halted at the first good view point.

      "No?" said Madame, still moving the needle and still in French. "Nevertheless, morning and evening together, our winnings are--how much?"

      At that same moment Simon dropped the fatal handkerchief, and Varley fired.He stood and gazed at her with a presentiment of coming ill; and he noticed, for the first time, that her lips were compressed and her brows drawn straight, as they always were when she was serious or troubled about anything.

      He paused again. It was hard work, this proposing to a girl without telling her that you loved her.

      And no wonder, retorted her husband, with a yawn. Shes the most beautiful young woman I have ever seen, present company excepted, my dear, and his marriage has pulled Belfayre out of the mire and set it on its legs again. Devoted! I should think so! He has reason, as the French say.It seems hard to realize that you are a duchess, he said; that you ought to be queening it over there amongst the best of them.

      Why? she asked.

      Miss Chetwynde is not a Warwickshire Chetwyndefortunately, said Lord Selvaine, blandly.



      He laughed softly.


      Trafford looked at him with knit brows.